What is the ‘Anglican Way’?

In Spring 2019 we will offer 4 classes to better understand the ‘Anglican Way’ in our Explore Anglicanism class. The class registration link is available here.

The Wednesday evening classes will be held from 6:30 – 8:30pm with childcare provided. The classes are open to all and will be taught by Associate Rector, Jonathan Warren. Participants are welcome to pick and choose any that interest them. These 4 classes are compulsory for any who wish to be confirmed at Ascension.

May 22: Understanding Anglicanism (Part I)

This class will outline the nature of confirmation in the Anglican church and will do a quick run through of Anglican history from Jesus to the formation of the Anglican Church in North America

May 28: Understanding Anglicanism (Part II)

We will take a closer look at the Prayer Book and Sacraments of the Anglican Church. The class will include an Instructed Eucharist.

June 5: Understanding Ascension (Part I): The Local Church and You

This class will look at Ascension’s Ethos – Evangelical, Catholic, Reformed, Charismatic, Hospitable. We will also examine Ascension Ministries and Community Groups and offer participants a Spiritual Gifts inventory.

June 12: Understanding Ascension (Part II): The Local Church and You

We will examine how we honor God in our Vocations and will also examine a Spirituality of Everyday Life.