Weekly Announcements

Announcements are updated at the beginning of each week.

Children’s Ministry Visioning Event and Prayer Walk
Saturday, July 20 from 1 – 3pm
Join Jonathan Warren as he leads a visioning event for Ascension Children’s Ministry. Meet in the Hunt Rooms for general group discussion. Conclude by praying through the education wing and dedicating it for the next chapter in our ministry. Catherine Slocum, Ascension’s newly appointed Director of Children’s Ministry, will join us for the afternoon. All are welcome, whether you have kids in our ministry or even if you don’t!

Services of Baptism
Sunday, August 11 at 9am and 11am
The next service of baptism will be August 11th. After that, our tradition is to baptize on All Saints Sunday which is November 3rd. If you would like to be baptized or have a child baptized, please be in touch with Jonathan Warren at jonathan.warren@ascensionpittsburgh.org.

Ascension Photo Directory
Would you like help remembering the names and faces of those you meet at Ascension? Ascension has a password protected on-line photo directory that is a great tool, particularly for newcomers. If you want to send us a photo to upload, have a photo taken for use in the directory, or need the password, please contact Judy at judy.yadrick@ascensionpittsburgh.org or 412-621-4361.

New to Ascension? Want to get onto our email listing?
If this is you, fill out one of the yellow inserts in the bulletin. We’ll get you onto our email list. We don’t send out emails often, but when we do they tend to be about central parish events. We’d love to include you. Thanks!

As part of Ascension’s MORE THAN STONES Capital Campaign, we will be featuring testimonials about the work of God at Ascension. Our first testimonial is from Alan Komm. Alan has worn many hats at Ascension – from a child in Sunday School to Sr. Warden to usher, intercessor and reader (all roles Alan has today!)

If you want to find out more about the campaign, the rector’s summer letter in the July Ascent has an update.

The Ascension story for the Komm family started 100 years ago with a seemingly insignificant decision made by the Principal of Bellefield School on Fifth Avenue in Oakland to have my uncle Jim show up for a tryout for the Ascension Men and Boys Choir. My mother’s family followed to Ascension soon thereafter. My mother, Edith, a recent child immigrant, felt at home for the first time since leaving England. It’s not too much of a stretch to say that the body of believers at Ascension has been making people from other lands feel at home ever since.

To leap ahead, by the late 1970’s, Ascension was on the ropes with less than 100 people attending the Sunday service….but people were praying for renewal. I personally knew that a new God-given path was the only way. Of all my peers in the Ascension Sunday School of the 1950’s, I was the only one still attending church anywhere. (Nancy Drew and Tom Hillman excepted!)

Personally, the community group that formed and which I was part of for 30 years (called ‘home groups’ back then) has been the most important thing to happen to me. The formation of such groups was part of the renewal movement. My late wife Martha and I discovered we were renewed right along with all else at Ascension! My wife Linda joined the home group over a dozen years ago while we were dating.

Today the Lord’s plan for Ascension and our faithfulness has brought the body of believers to a level and in a direction unimagined when renewal started in the early 1980’s. But I believe this is only the beginning. We are called to faithfulness at this critical juncture. If we provide, the Lord will empower our ministry in ways we can’t imagine. I am standing on tip-toes to see what the future holds!!!

Are you looking for a place to serve?
Service is a great way to get plugged into the life of our church! If you are interested in more information about any of the following listed ministries, please fill out the bulletin insert or email marilyn.chislaghi@ascensionpittsburgh.org.

Acolytes Participate in the liturgical procession and altar party; 11am service; kids/adults Sundays; 3 – 5 times per quarter
Adult Choir Sing at the 11am service (September – May) Thursday practice
Altar Guild Ministry Join a ministry team to set up for Sunday worship One month per quarter
Altar Prayer Pray for those who come for prayer during communion 3 – 5 times per quarter
Archives Archive resources to preserve church history As needed
Building and Property Assist with building projects big and small Project based
Campus Ministry & Young Adults Be a home for students; pray; mentor a student/young adult Ongoing
Chalice Bearers / Lay Readers Read during worship services and serve at communion Sundays; 3 – 5 times per quarter
Children’s Choir Sing once a month on the last Sunday (school year) Practice Sundays 10:15 – 10:50am
Children’s Sunday School Teach ages pre-K to 5th grade; assist in other administrative ways Sundays at 9am or 11am; on a rotation
Community Groups Lead or host a group that meets weekly or biweekly Weekly or biweekly
Contemporary Music Team Vocalists and instrumentalists Monthly practice; serve 1-2x per month
Greeters Greet at church entrances prior to services Sundays; 1 month per quarter
Hospitality Hour Hosts Converse with newcomers in the Parish Hall Sundays; 1 week per month
International Ministry ESL teachers/assistants; conversation partners; discipleship classes Ongoing weekly
Meal Ministry: New Mom Prepare a meal for a family with a new baby As needed
Meal Ministry: Soul Food Cook for the sick, bereaved or homebound As needed
Security Walk the facility between services Sundays; 3 times per quarter
Sound Techs Operate the sound board at 9am or 11am service 4 times per quarter
Special Needs Ministry Teach/assist Sundays at 9am; be a buddy to a special needs friend Sundays at 9am; 2nd Saturdays for club
Ushers Welcome, hand out bulletins, assist with offering & communion Sundays; 1 month per quarter
Welcome Table Greet newcomers after worship services Sundays; 1 month per quarter
Youth Ministry Be a friend and mentor to a teenager! Help with Middle School on Fridays or High School on Sundays Friday or Sunday evenings