Weekly Announcements

Announcements are updated at the beginning of each week.

BBQ on the Lawn
Sunday, August 25 at 10am
Mark the date! We’ll have a combined service with a BBQ on the lawn to follow. This is Kick-off Sunday for the public phase of the MORE THAN STONES capital campaign AND this is the Sunday each year when we love to welcome students and newcomers to Pittsburgh and Ascension! Please join us. Also, please plan on bringing a side dish and/or dessert to share.

Could you lend a hand? Much help is needed – typically about 30 volunteers to (1) set up at 8am; (2) start grilling at 9am; (3) collect and put out food from 9am following; (4) clean up after the event. To volunteer, email marilyn.chislaghi@ascensionpittsburgh.org.

As part of our MORE THAN STONES: Welcoming our Neighbors, Reaching the Nations Capital Campaign, we are featuring testimonials about the work of God through the ministry of Ascension. This week we have two testimonials. The first is from Robin Capcara who is a longtime member of Ascension and has served in numerous ministries. The second is from Remi Nagasaki, a participant in our ESL Ministry.

Robin Capcara
I love that Ascension is biblically rooted, liturgically rich and open to the movement of the Holy Spirit–that 3 Stream Anglicanism thing! I love the community of our people. You all have been my family during some very rough times. I love that we actually believe the Gospel and think that Christ can and does heal us and our broken world.

I think that now is the time for the MORE THAN STONES capital campaign because our building really needs work and it cannot wait; but also because we are ready to reach out with Christ’s healing to our broken world. It’s time to follow Christ into new adventures for His glory!

Remi Nagasaki
My name is Remi Nagasaki and I’m from Japan. I came here 2 years ago because of my husband’s research in UPMC. I brought my son here and he was only 2 months. I really wanted to practice my English but there were no places that I could learn English with my little child. (Taking child to ESL class is banned almost all ESL class.) I have to practice my English skills because I have to take my son to the hospital or do necessary procedures and so on. It’s very hard to speak and understand English, so I wanted to cry everyday, and at that time LuAnn told me that she would hold the ESL classes, which provides childcare. I was truly glad. I started to join Monday and Wednesday English classes, and it was really useful for me. ESL teachers are so nice, so I could learn a lot of things, and my English improves little by little. And also I could make a lot of friends from this church because of the classes and field trips, so my lonely life was completely changed. On top of that, the Bible study also helps me to learn how to manage my feelings and how to overcome difficulties. It really helps me. I really appreciate people who support us. Thank you so much for your help.

Welcome Catherine!
We are delighted that Catherine Slocum begins as our Director of Children’s Ministry today! She will be onboarding in the next couple of weeks and getting used to life around Ascension. You will be able to reach her at 412-621-4361 or catherine.slocum@ascensionpittsburgh.org.

Welcome Catherine and we look forward to getting to know you and having you minister among us in the years to come!

Baby Bottle Campaign – Thank You!
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Baby Bottle Campaign for the Women’s Choice Network that was held between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Due to your generosity, Church of the Ascension raised $775.41 to cover the cost of 31 pregnancy or STD tests.

Children’s Ministry Needs You!
Jill Amber Graham has been working behind the scenes very steadily all summer getting personnel in place for the summer program as well as for the fall. Looking toward September, Sunday School LEAD TEACHERS are needed during both services for all age groups (toddler, pre-K, younger elementary and older elementary). Please email missjill326@me.com for more information or to recommend someone you think would be a good fit.

Shepherd’s Heart Sunday – August 18
August 18th is Ascension’s next date to serve dinner at Shepherd’s Heart, an Anglican church near Mercy Hospital that reaches out to include our homeless neighbors, especially veterans. Each Sunday, following their 5:15pm Eucharist, they offer a free meal to anyone present. Ascension is one of many congregations and groups who cook and serve this dinner. This year, our remaining dates are Aug 18, Sept 29 and Oct 27.

This ministry is good for families and folks who can’t volunteer during the work week. You can help cook, serve or both. Cooks can expect to spend about 2 hours preparing the meal after our Sunday services: we can start cooking after the 9am or the 11am service, depending on which one you attend. Servers can attend Eucharist at Shepherd’s Heart (5:15pm at 13 Pride St., between Fifth & Forbes Aves, 15213) or come near the end of the worship service (about 6:20pm) and then serve; we’re usually done by 7:30 or 8pm, though it’s fine to leave earlier. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact Jonathan Sewall at 412-452-1935 or jonathan.sewall@gmail.com in advance. Many thanks and blessings, Jonathan Sewall

Venite Campus Ministry
While Venite will be hosting many outreach and social events between August 19th and September 2nd, our weekly fellowship gatherings will begin on Wednesday, August 28th. We will be meeting at 8:30pm in the Ascension Old Catacombs each Wednesday throughout the semester! If you have any questions about Venite or are interested in helping out, please email Leah Hornfeck at leah.hornfeck@ascensionpittsburgh.org.

Young Adults
Labor Day Weekend – Pot Luck & Trivia Quiz Night
Instead of the usual dinner and compline in September, we are happy to invite you and your friends to a Labor Day weekend social! On Sunday night, September 1st, we will be gathering at 7pm for a pot-luck and inter-generational Trivia Quiz night in the Parish Hall. All are welcome, and please bring a side (if your last name begins with an A-M) or a dessert (if your last name begins with N-Z). For more info, contact Leah at leah.hornfeck@ascensionpittsburgh.org.