Congregational Care

There is a story that, as St. John was dying, his church asked him what his final advice was for them as a congregation. He replied, “Little children, love one another.” We don’t do this perfectly as a congregation, but we want to grow in learning to love each other in needed, practical, and redemptive ways.

The Congregational Care Team at Ascension is made-up of several smaller teams. Together, we seek ways to care for the practical needs of our church family holistically – spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally – from cradle to grave. Congregational Care at Ascension includes everything from clergy/lay visitation to meal ministry, prayer ministry, and referral to professional counselors in our own Workshop Counseling Ministry.

If you would like to join one of our Congregational Care teams, please fill out of the form here or use the link at the bottom of the page. In brief, our teams are:

  • Intercessory Prayer List: Receive weekly and other occasional prayer updates for prayer.
  • Weekly Zoom Prayer Meetings: Join a small group for 15 minutes of prayer on Mondays (Internationals), or Tuesdays (Children and Youth), Wednesdays (Ascension family), and Thursdays (Peace, Justice and Racial Reconciliation)
  • Meal Ministry: This team provides meals for those who are sick, bereaved or otherwise needing help. We also provide meals to parents who have welcomed a baby or to those who have welcomed a child through adoption.

Ministry contact:
Andrea Millard, Director of Prayer Ministry and Congregational Care