Weekly Sermon Questions

Questions for the Week of January 19 – 25, 2020

Come & See the Lamb of God

Read John 1:29-42

  1. John the Baptist referred to Jesus as the Lamb of God. What does that mean and how does that connect with you in your daily life?
  2. When Jesus saw that two of John’s disciples started to follow him, he turned and said to them: “What are you looking for?” (John 1:35-38)
    1. What do you think they were looking for?
    2. What are you looking for in the coming year?
    3. How might you encounter Christ on a daily basis?
  3. Jesus invited John’s disciples to “Come and see.” (John 1:39)
    1. What was Jesus inviting them to see?
    2. What are some practical ways you can invite people who don’t know Jesus to “Come and see”?
    3. If you have invited someone to “Come and see” – share with the group how that went.
  4. After they came and saw, one of them, Andrew, went and found his brother, Simon, and brought him to Jesus. (John 1:39-42)
    1. Did anyone help you come to Jesus? If so, share with your group what that looked like.
    2. Have you brought anyone to Jesus? If you have, what did that mean for you and for the other person?
  5. If you have been using the “BELLS” acronym (from the book Surprise the World, and as we learned about at last year’s Parish Retreat) how are you doing with it?

Bless – Blessing others with Words of Affirmation, Acts of Kindness, and Gifts
Eat – Practicing Hospitality through eating with others
Listen – Listening to God, setting aside designated time each week and eliminating distractions
Learn – Learning Christ through studying the Gospels and reading about Jesus
Sent – Seeing ourselves as Missionaries, Sent ones, who are people of Reconciliation, Justice, Beauty, and Wholeness