Weekly Sermon Questions

Questions for Week of September 15 – 21

Luke 15:1-10; 1 Timothy 1:12-17

“Lost and Found.”

  1. Read Luke 15:1-10.  The common thread in both of these lost and found stores (and the story of the prodigal son, which follows in the text) is the great rejoicing that follows when that which is lost is found.
    1. Why did Jesus tell these stories?” 
    2. Why would the Pharisees have a hard tie with these parables?
    3. When might we behave like the Pharisees?
  2. On Sunday Canon Jonathan suggested that the Pharisees were concerned about three things: Behaving, Believing and Belonging – in that order. Jonathan spoke about how Jesus effectively reversed those three “B’s” to make the order Belonging, Believing and Behaving.
    1. How is that illustrated in the Gospel passage?
    2. Who or what is God’s priority?
    3. How can we practice radical hospitality (the invitation to belong) – at Ascension and in our Community Group – without compromising what we believe when people behave in ways contrary to the teachings of Jesus?
  3. Think about people you know personally who are “lost.” 
    1. How did those people become “lost?”
    2. How do you feel about those known to you who are lost?
    3. What can you do about those known to you who are lost?