Weekly Sermon Questions

Questions for Christ the King Sunday (November 22, 2020)

Ezekiel 34:11-24; Ps. 95; Matthew 25:31-46

  1. Today is Christ the King Sunday. As you read the images of the passages for today or other images of Jesus as King in Scriptures, which ones are most meaningful to you?
  2. As you look at the culture around us in this day what does the reality that Jesus is King say to our current culture?
  3. Revelation 5:6 presents King Jesus as one who appears as a lamb who was slain; who at the peak of his glory in Revelation 7:9-17 is a shepherd ministering healing and, as shepherd in Ezekiel 34 seeks the lost ones, feeds them, strengthen the weak ones, and brings them home. This is a different kind of king. Where do you see parallels in Jesus’ words in Matthew 25?
  4. The book of Revelation has this kind of servant king (serving to the extent of being slain) vindicated as the truly righteous and rightful king. How does our living his pattern of life proclaim his kind of reign in our broken world?
  5. Philippians 2 also proclaims that the Father proclaims this kind of servant Lord as rightful king. How does that speak encouragement to us as we orient our lives to this way of living? Where do we find this way of living costly? What might tempt us to withdraw or give up from living in Jesus’ pattern of serving?
  6. How do you respond to the hard words of judgement in the Matthew 25 passage? If we think that living his pattern is also affirming his Lordship (his reign of love and grace), and so proclaiming him to a world that lives by another power grabbing, self-serving pattern, how might that help us to understand his harsh warning?
  7. Father Jonathan said, “What matters is not merely what we say we believe – but what we do as a result of those beliefs. Not what we may have professed – but what we have practiced,” speaking of good intentions verses actual action. Where have you found your good intentions not being falling short of action? Is there a place where you are being called to take a step of faithfulness?