Preaching & Bible Study Series

Gospel of Luke Preaching Series

We are having a Sunday preaching series from October 6th through All Saints Sunday, November 3rd. The theme of the preaching series follows that of our Parish Retreat on the theme of SURPRISE THE WORLD.

The gospel, as St. Paul describes it, is that by the Holy Spirit we are “in Christ;” united to him and sent out to participate in his mission to reconcile the world to God. When we “clothe ourselves with Christ,” we are more and more transformed into his image and likeness and set free to surprise the world in the same ways that Jesus himself did. Join us as we explore the many ways that Jesus surprised the world and how we are challenged to follow him in this as we meditate together on Luke’s telling of the story of Jesus this fall.

October 6  Luke 7:36 – 50  Jesus anointed by a sinful woman

October 13  Luke 17:11 – 19  Jesus cleanses ten lepers

October 20  Luke 18:1-8  The Parable of the widow & the unjust judge

October 27  Luke 18:9 – 14 The Parable of the pharisee & tax collector

November 3 (All Saints Sunday)  Luke 6:20 – 26 The Beatitudes

To access the Bible Studies that accompany the series, please use the link available here