Here’s the latest!

Construction Update (November 2023)

Construction progress continues! The second floor of the parish hall is carpeted and painted with ceiling about to be installed. Bathroom tile will soon be laid throughout the facility. The Parish Hall has been sealed for colder weather. Cement will soon be poured in the New Narthex with window glazing and casework following shortly thereafter. Completion date is Easter 2024!

Construction Update (Summer 2023)

All continues to proceed well with the parish hall expansion project. Fixtures have been selected and carpet for various spaces has been as well. Final finishes continue to be chosen – paint colors, flooring tiles, wood for specific areas, countertops, etc. Thank you to our design team!

Drywall is almost complete on the second-floor staff office wing with painting to begin soon. This will be the first space to be finished. It has been reconfigured to include two work rooms for office machinery, a large common work area, as well as three additional offices and two single stall bathrooms.

While there was some delay with structural steel, that part of the project should be completed soon. The New Narthex floor, polished concrete, will be poured in the next few weeks. The goal of the contractors is to have the ‘envelope’ of the building complete by the end of summer so that interior and exterior finishes can be completed later in the fall. The current estimated time of completion for the entire project is Easter 2024. Landscaping may happen a bit later in spring.

The Nave area will soon feel more impact from construction. An additional door from the Nave to the new Narthex area will be created some time later this summer or early fall. It will be a messy venture as brick and stone will need to be removed. This work will be on the adjacent wall to the two existing doors that used to lead to the Ambulatory (curved hallway).

Contingency funds continue to be tracked carefully by the Ascension Steering Committee. To date the exterior Narthex and Gordon vestibule doors have not been added to the project. If sufficient contingency funds remain, they will be added. We very much hope these doors can be replaced for operational, aesthetic, and security reasons. A decision on the doors will likely come soon.

A view from above!

Accomplishments from Saturday morning, June 3

June 1 OAC Meeting (Owner Architect Contractor)

What things looked like on Memorial Day

Structural Steel arrives!

Education Wing Windows removed

Parish Hall front wall removed

May 2023: Parish Hall Expansion

March 2023: From the basement looking upward and into the Parish Hall

February 2023: Interior work

February 2023: Exterior work

January 2023: Parish Hall 1st floor

January 2023: Parish Hall 2nd floor

November 16, 2022 Temporary ramp

November 9, 2022

November 7, 2022

October 25, 2022

Construction has brought change to normal operations! On Sundays we no longer use the Parish Hall for fellowship hour after services, but rather meet in the new catacombs. We hope you take the few extra steps down into the New Catacombs and join us.

  • We will soon lose access to the kitchen parking lot and kitchen
  • We will soon lose access to the back epistle-side entrance from the curved hallway.
  • We encourage entrance to the Nave on Sundays through the red doors facing Ellsworth
  • There will be additional access to the Nave on Sundays through the side door that leads to the education wing. Children will enter and exit through that door for Sunday School
  • Both of our lawns, the small lawn on Ellsworth and the larger lawn on Ellsworth/Neville, will be fenced in
  • Please do not enter construction areas
  • Please do not use the hallway from the new catacombs to the old catacombs on Sundays or weekdays. We will also be doing work in the basement
  • Please enjoy the progress!

Ground breaking Ceremony!