Stacey Regan

Stacey ReganWhile her family joined Ascension in 1994, Stacey came on staff in June 2007 and is the secretary responsible for maintaining the database, producing the worship bulletins, and coordinating the lay ministry quarterly schedule.

She is also the staff point person for weddings, baptisms and funerals, and her knack for names and setting up systems help keep us organized and in touch with one another as a worshipping community, equipping God’s people, and sharing Christ’s love with a broken world.

Stacey grew up in the Air Force and the church—one environment guaranteeing frequent changes, the other ensuring stability wherever those moves took her family. Within that church family environment, Stacey began playing guitar and writing music, establishing herself as a worship leader, teacher and composer. She is most well-known for “I Offer My Isaac,” but other titles in the green Ascension Songbook include “Child of Abraham,” “Praise Your Holy Name,” “Take, Eat,” “We Now Enter In” and the new Elohim service music setting.

In addition to her musical pursuits, Stacey is a member of the Fox Chapel Community Group, is part
of the altar prayer ministry, serves as a layreader and chalice bearer, and loves meeting and hosting
newcomers. She counts it a privilege to be able to both work and worship at Ascension alongside
her church family which now includes several of her grown children and the grandchild.