Marilyn Chislaghi

Marilyn ChislaghiMarilyn grew up in Edmonton, Canada. She married her college love, Rob Clifton, and two days after their wedding they flew off to the University of Cambridge where she acquired a Master of Philosophy degree from the Faculty of Divinity.

Their son Ben was born in Cambridge in 1993 and their daughter, Clare, was born in Ontario in 1996. They moved to Pittsburgh on a snowy January day in 1997 so that Rob could take up a position at the University of Pittsburgh in the Faculty of Philosophy. They immediately began attending Church of Ascension. It became evident to them how quickly Ascension had become their church family when Rob passed away from colon cancer five years after their arrival in Pittsburgh. They received tremendous care and support from the Ascension church family.

Marilyn decided to continue living in Pittsburgh and God graciously helped her family ‘pick up the pieces’ in ensuing years. She served on staff as Parish Administrator for over a decade and now serves as Director of Ministry. Marilyn is passionate about building church family and wants to help foster genuine discipleship, what she refers to as ‘growth in Christlikeness.’ She is eager to connect people, newcomers and old-timers alike, with ministries and fellowship groups that will encourage them to new depths of discipleship. So, beware, she may be in touch with you!

On the personal front, Marilyn had her first conversation with Charlie Chislaghi on October 31 of 2006 (Halloween!), but apparently she didn’t scare him away and they were married 10 months later. With his favorite colors being flourescent orange and green, Charlie has brought a lot of color and even more joy into Marilyn’s life!