Isaiah Bornman

My name is Isaiah Bornman and I work as the Maintenance Supervisor here. My wife Amy and I moved to Pittsburgh and joined Ascension in 2018 after a couple years moving around. We feel good being back near her family and are starting the whole settling down and starting a family part of life. Each evening I get to walk our pup around Riverview Park tails and we are just starting to feel our baby’s first kicks while watching goofy 90’s movies through the quarantine.

I came on staff in January 2020 and only got to experience a bit of the normal church life flow before the pandemic hit, but the quieter building still keeps me busy. I work each day on small repair jobs that keep popping up, chasing leaks, and maintaining our building’s many systems. The less busy season has given us time for deeper cleaning, painting, and repair projects. I enjoy working alongside Richard and Josh to facilitate all the events and to care for our church and the staff. While we miss the daily activities at Ascension, but will keep working to better the space for the return of church life.