In the Bible the “tithe,” or first ten-percent of our income, is the basic standard of giving. We give to support the things God is doing in the world and also for the health of our souls. Actually, giving is the wrong word. It’s stewarding. A steward is someone who is responsible for watching over someone’s property in their absence. God makes us stewards of all the things he has given us including our finances.

Annual Pledge Cards 

Pledge cards, which function as a good faith estimate of what households will give to Ascension, are distributed annually in November. They help the church to budget wisely for annual needs and they help parishioners to think through and plan godly stewardship. An electronic version of the pledge card will also be made available each fall.

What money is used for

We encourage those who have made Ascension their home to give generously. Giving supports the day-to-day operations of the church, missionaries and ministries around the world, and ministries within Pittsburgh. Everything we do is aimed to give away the faith that we have so freely been given.

Ways to Give

Church Center: Church Center enables parishioners to give or make payments for events with debit or credit cards. Simply go to the Giving section of the app to set up one-time or regular giving. Just connect your bank or a debit/credit card!

Checks:  You can mail checks to the church office or put checks into the offering boxes on Sundays with or without an envelope. Checks should be made out to ‘Church of the Ascension’.

Offering envelopes:  If you would like to receive offering envelopes for your checks, please contact the bookkeeper.

Electronic giving: If you would like to set up EFT (electronic funds transfer) from your bank account you can initiate it directly with your financial institution or you can fill out paperwork for the church to initiate regular deductions. Please contact our bookkeeper for more information.

If you have any questions on the mechanics of giving, please contact Karen Gowdy, Director of Administration or Nicole DeLuca, Bookkeeper.