In the Bible the “tithe,” or first ten-percent of our income, is the basic standard of giving. We give both to support the things God is doing in the world and also for the health of our souls. Billy Graham said, “If a person gets his attitude toward money straight, it will help straighten out almost every area of his life.”

Actually, giving is the wrong word. It’s stewarding. A steward is someone who is responsible for watching over someone’s property in their absence – like a house sitter. God makes us stewards of all the things he has given us or loaned us – ‘our’ finances, ‘our’ bodies, ‘our’ skills. So the question becomes not, how much of my money will I give back to God? The question becomes, how much of God’s money do I need to keep for myself and my family?

What money is used for at Ascension

When it comes to the practicalities of stewarding and giving, we encourage visitors not to give financially to Ascension. But for those who have made Ascension their home we encourage them to give generously. That giving ends up in Pittsburgh and all around the world. It supports the day-to-day operations of the church but it also goes to support missionaries around the world and ministries that help the poor in Pittsburgh. Both in Pittsburgh and around the world–everything we do is aimed to give away the faith that we have so freely been given.

More than Stones Capital Campaign

Currently Ascension has an ongoing More than Stones Capital Campaign. More information on the purpose of the campaign is available. Those who want to make a first time pledge or an additional pledge to the campaign are invited to fill out our online pledge form.  Those who want to make contributions can send in a check to Church of the Ascension (4729 Ellsworth Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15213) with “More than Stones” on the memo OR can use the Easy Tithe link. Select the drop down menu that specifies the donation is for More than Stones.

2022 Financial Stewardship for General Operations

2022 Financial Pledge Cards will be mailed to members and friends of Ascension in late fall. They are also available in pew pockets. We are all invited prayerfully to consider how much to give back to God from all he has entrusted to us for his work here at Ascension. Pledge cards may be mailed back to church or brought back to church on Sundays and put in the new wooden offering box at the back of the Nave. Additionally, an electronic version of the card may be submitted by filling out the online form.

Ways to Give

  • Offering envelopes: If you would like to receive offering envelopes for your checks, please contact the bookkeeper.
  • Checks: You can also mail checks to church office or put checks into the plate on Sundays without an envelope.
  • Electronic giving: If you would like to set up an automatic deduction from your bank account you can initiate it directly with your financial institution or you can fill out paperwork for the church to initiate regular deductions. Please contact our bookkeeper for more information.
  • Easy Tithe: The church has an account with Easy Tithe which enables parishioners to give or make payments for events with debit or credit cards. To set up a secure account, follow the link available here. More information on Easy Tithe is available below.

Easy Tithe

Easy Tithe is an easy way to give or make payments by using a mobile app or desktop. Users must first establish a secure account. Just follow this link and get started on your desktop.

A mobile app is also available for download. Using your Android or iPhone, search ‘Church of the Ascension’ and use zipcode 15213.

Any questions?

Contact Karen Gowdy, Director of Administration or Nicole DeLuca, Bookkeeper. The fee per transaction is 2%. The option to accept user fees is given prior to finalizing your transaction.