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Sunday Worship this Summer

SERVICE TIMES: Beginning in July, we will have a 9am Outdoor Tent Service and an 11am Service in the Nave that will also be available by livestream on Ascension’s YouTube channel.

MASKS: The wearing of masks will no longer be required for people to attend services at Ascension. Of course, people of any age, vaccinated or not, may choose to continue to wear a mask while attending a service. However, we request and recommend that all those who are eligible to receive a vaccine but who, for whatever reason, are not fully vaccinated – please continue to wear a mask. Parents of children under 12 will need to use their own discretion about what is right for their children.

HOLY COMMUNION: Given that Covid-19 is an airborne virus and given the ever-increasing numbers of fully vaccinated people attending church, we will also be reintroducing Holy Communion in “both kinds” – that is we will be offering the bread and the wine. It seems wise, however, not to offer a shared cup at this time. Any who wish to continue to receive only the bread may do so. Rather than each communicant dipping his or her own wafer into the chalice, the bread-bearers will dip a wafer in the communion wine (known as “intinction”) and place the wafer into a communicant’s cupped hands. If anyone would prefer only to receive the wafer, they should indicate that to the bread-bearer.

Church Address
4729 Ellsworth Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15213

Weekday Parking
Please use our parking lots located at Neville and Ellsworth. If you’ll be less than an hour, you can also park on the street.

Sunday Parking
There are several good options on Sundays:

  • Street Parking – no restrictions
  • Oakland Catholic School – We have permission to use this lot each Sunday. You must enter the Oakland Catholic parking lot from Craig Street, which is one block west of the church toward the University of Pittsburgh. The gate at the entrance to the lot will open automatically when your car approaches the line.
  • Clyde Street – Clyde intersects Ellsworth, almost directly across from our parking lot. Parking is available in the University Child Development Center. Clyde is one way and the access is from Fifth Avenue, one block south of the church toward Carnegie Mellon University
  • Central Catholic School – This lot is two blocks away from the church. The entrance is on Neville, just down the hill from Fifth Avenue.