If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself,’ you are doing right.”  – James 2:8

Pittsburgh welcomes internationals from many countries each year, and the Church of the Ascension welcomes YOU if you are one of them! If you are here for education or for work, if you need help or prayer, or if you are new to the United States because of problems in your home country, we welcome you! We hope you feel at home with us.

English Classes

We host English classes on Mondays and Wednesdays for levels 0 – 6. We also have many activities that our students can taken part in: enjoy a holiday like Thanksgiving with an American family; join in field trips; meet for conversation with a church member; attend special events such as international dinners or Christmas programs. Well over 600 students from 40 countries have come to Ascension’s English classes at some point since we began this ministry in September 2016.

How long are classes?
14 weeks in the fall semester and 14 weeks in the winter/spring semesters.

When and Where are classes?
We begin our fall semester in September and our winter/spring semester in January. We take field trips during the summer months and during the semesters as well. A few classes are online. Most classes are in person at Church of the Ascension on Monday and Wednesday mornings and evenings.

What about my kids?
We offer childcare for young children, so please register to bring them along.

How do I find out about events?
Email LuAnn to be put on an information list.

Immigration Legal Clinic

Church of the Ascension wants to come alongside internationals who are settling in the United States and may need additional help. Ascension hosts a legal clinic on Thursday evenings for those with immigration questions – international students, asylum seekers, or those who just need help. You can email the administrator of the legal clinic for more details.

Refugee Ministry 

In 2022 the Rev. Daniel Behrens came onto Ascension’s staff to devote his time to low-income immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. If you are new to the United States and are experiencing difficulties, please email Daniel. He is forming a group of volunteers in a new program called “Job Partners” to assist with those new to Pittsburgh with employment applications.

Contact for International Ministry:
LuAnn Pengidore

Contact for Legal Clinic:

Contact for Refugee Ministry:
Daniel Behrens