Get connected!

At Ascension we are called to be a worshipping community, to equip God’s people, and to share Christ’s healing with a broken world. Our body is rooted in Oakland, in the heart of the city, but stretches out to touch every part of the city. The principal way that we can extend the fellowship of this body to our whole city is through our community groups, which are the first line of our congregational care, a place where relational connections with others at Ascension can be established, and a place where we are able to study Scripture together and deepen in our faith. We believe these priorities are best facilitated when we see each other regularly, and so we encourage you to join a group close to where you live or work if possible.

As we enter this new year, we extend an invitation to join an Ascension community group if you are not already part of one. Below is a listing of groups with the contact info for one of the group leader(s). If you are not certain what group is right for you, please feel free to contact Jonathan Warren at In addition to the listing below, a map of Ascension Community Groups is available here.

Ambridge (Krystal and Sam):

Ascension Friday (Jeanne):

Ascension Sunday (Tiziana and Jim):

Brighton Heights (Stacey & Dan):

Community of St. Andrew (Chris and Elise):

East End (Lorna and Evan):

Eastern Suburbs (Marilyn):

Edgewood (Joel):

Edgewood/Forest Hills (Rachel and Matt):

Greenfield (Brenna and Jordan):

Internationals Group (Barb):

Men’s Saturday (Jay):

Men’s Wednesday (Allen):

Newly Married Group (Bonnie):

North Hills (Jenn and Philip):

Oakland (Barb):

O’Hara/Fox Chapel (Nicole):

Omnia Nova (Mari and Jim; Brian and Jen):

Point Breeze (Nancy and Jim):

South Hills (Christina):

Squirrel Hill (Jonathan & Laura):

Women’s Ascension (Keira & Jennifer):

Women’s Regent Square (Melita):

Young Adult Tuesday (Elizabeth & Clare):

Young Adult Wednesday (Bailey & Sarah):