Music Team

“Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.”  – Psalm 95:1

Music ministries at Ascension exist to enable our church family to worship God, drawing congregants into the presence of God, and encompass the entire continuum of worship cultures, from classical anthems through traditional hymnody and renewal music to contemporary Christian songs. From prelude to postlude, music acts as the glue of a worship service. There are often 10 to 15 different pieces of music woven throughout the liturgy. Music in worship can express what words alone cannot. Music is prayer, praise and lament. Music brings scripture to life, encourages meditation, substantiates the heart of a sermon, brings us into focus and invokes the presence of the Holy Spirit.

There are a variety of music ministries at Ascension. If you are interested in exploring any further, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

  • 9am Worship Team: This group of musicians seeks to serve Ascension by arranging fresh and creative musical worship in a variety of styles. We have volunteers who play guitar, cello, violin, drums, piano, bass and more! Though often contemporary in vibe, we spend a lot of time reworking our favorite ancient hymns and scripture texts, sometimes with new tunes and sometimes embracing traditional ones.
  • 11am Worship Team: This ministry comprises singers and a variety of instrumentalists, especially but not exclusively guitarists, percussionists, strings and woodwind players and provides leadership for the singing of contemporary Christian music at the 11am service.
  • 11am Adult Choir: The Adult Choir is a faithful, intergenerational group of singers who meet together on Thursday nights to prepare special offertory music in many different styles for the 11am service. We are a diverse and motley crew from professional musicians to people who neither sight read nor have much choral experience. We have warm fellowship and great fun together.
  • Sound Desk: Sound board operators set up sound equipment and run the sound board for Sunday worship services. This is a great ministry for those who enjoy the technology of sound and understand the need for music and speech to be heard as we worship God together. New sound techs receive on the job training.
  • Special Music (vocal or instrumental participation in worship): We welcome vocalists and musicians with instrumental skills. We particularly love to have instrumental music from our children!
  • Children’s Choir: The Children’s Choir practices between services and seeks to immerse children in the world of worship music. The children sing in church at 11am on the last Sunday of each month from September through May. Occasionally, they sing at the 9am service as well.

Contacts for Music Ministry
Jeanne Kohn
(412) 621-4361, ext. 217

Chris Massa