8:30am Women’s Epiphany Quiet Day

January 6, 2018 all-day
Rachel Becker

Women’s Epiphany Quiet Day
Leader:  Renee Smith
Date:  Feast of the Epiphany, Saturday January 6th
Time:  8:30am – 1pm (approximately)
Cost:  $25 which includes lunch; Childcare provided

“For the Present is the Point at which Time touches Eternity”  C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

Across the ages, humans have touched on biblical truth – the present in God’s Presence matters – deeply. Each of us is invited to live, not in the past or the future,but His present. And somehow – in God’s economy – this living in the holy now opens us to reality so that we touch eternity.

At the Women’s Epiphany Quiet Day, we will reflect back upon 2017, examining both our joys and losses, and engage in ways to live ‘presently’ so that 2018 is increasingly free of anxiety and fear. The present matters. Eternity matters.Each of us matters as we engage our Lord in the holy now.

The retreat will take place in the Nave,adorned with candles for Epiphany. Please join us and be refreshed through quiet! For more information or to register via email, contact racheldkbecker@gmail.com. To register online, please visit this link.