8:30am Women’s Epiphany Quiet Day

Women’s Epiphany Quiet Day
Leader:  Renee Smith
Date:  Feast of the Epiphany, Saturday January 6th
Time:  8:30am – 1pm (approximately)
Cost:  $25 which includes lunch; Childcare provided

“For the Present is the Point at which Time touches Eternity”  C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

Across the ages, humans have touched on biblical truth – the present in God’s Presence matters – deeply. Each of us is invited to live, not in the past or the future,but His present. And somehow – in God’s economy – this living in the holy now opens us to reality so that we touch eternity.

At the Women’s Epiphany Quiet Day, we will reflect back upon 2017, examining both our joys and losses, and engage in ways to live ‘presently’ so that 2018 is increasingly free of anxiety and fear. The present matters. Eternity matters.Each of us matters as we engage our Lord in the holy now.

The retreat will take place in the Nave,adorned with candles for Epiphany. Please join us and be refreshed through quiet! For more information or to register via email, contact racheldkbecker@gmail.com. To register online, please visit this link.

6:30pm Middle School Youth Group

The vision of our youth group is to be “A Christ-centered and open-hearted youth group dedicated to fostering faithful disciples through love, service, and the teaching of Biblical truth.” Middle School Youth Group typically happens Fridays at 6:30pm. However, to find out the exact schedule, please visit www.caygonline.com (“Church of the Ascension Youth Group”). Ascension’s website could not contain the enthusiasm of the youth and their leaders, so they created their own! Please check out the website for the latest and any changes to regular programming!

Church Closed

11am Service of Holy Eucharist

Our 11am service follows the Ancient Text liturgy of the Anglican Church in North America. The musical part of the service incorporates an adult choir, a contemporary worship team and hymnody accompanied by a newly refurbished organ. Childcare and Sunday School are provided for children through 5th grade. A Hospitality Hour in the parish hall precedes the service and a fellowship time with cookies and coffee follows the service. The service lasts about an hour and thirty minutes.

10am Hospitality Hour

People from both services enjoy bagels, pastries, quiche and other breakfast items….and good conversation too!  All are welcome!

9am Service of Holy Eucharist

Our 9am service uses a Eucharistic Prayer from Common Worship, the official liturgical resource of the Church of England. A worship team leads the musical part of the service with hymns and songs offered in a contemporary style. Childcare and Sunday School are provided for children through 5th grade. Our Special Needs program runs concurrent with this service in the “New Catacombs”.The entire service is about an hour and twenty minutes long. A hospitality hour in the Parish Hall immediately follows.

9am WINGS Special Needs Sunday School

Church of the Ascension offers two programs for those with cognitive disabilities: A weekly Sunday school program called WINGS which stands for “Winners in God’s Sight” and a monthly club that meets on the second Saturday of the month called Capernaum Friends. For more information, please contact our program directors, Christina Carlucci (carlucci.christina@gmail.com; 412-414-5630) or Dana Kaasik (dana.kaasik@gmail.com; 225-921-8349).

Christmas 1 Lectionary Readings

Sunday Scriptures:
Isaiah 61:10-62:5
Psalm 147:13-21
Galatians 3:23-4:7
John 1:1-18

10am Christmas Day Service

The lessons are different from Christmas Eve so that those who wish to make this their second service of Christmas may join those who prefer this quiet one to the festival celebrations on Christmas Eve. The Rev. Dr. Jack Gabig will preach. Child care is not provided.

10pm Christmas Eve Festival Eucharist

Our late Christmas Eve service will feature a Festival Procession, incense, candles and the great music of the season in celebration of the birth of the Christ child. Our Rector, the Rev.Canon Jonathan Millard will preach. Childcare is not provided. Please remember to bring bells to this service! It is a great joy to sing the great hymns of Christmas with congregational bells ringing out!

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