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Sunday Services Cancelled – Pittsburgh Marathon

Marathon Worship Service

Marathon Weekend: Saturday Worship on May 5 at 5pm!

On the weekend of the Pittsburgh Marathon we cancel all Sunday services and gather for worship at 5pm on Saturday instead. After worship, the youth are hosting a lasagna dinner fundraiser. Plan to come and ‘carb up’ prior to the race. The funds raised will purchase a new set of Bibles for the youth, a ping pong table, a commissioned piece of artwork, as well as some books for a parenting library. All great things! And…. If you are running the race (full marathon, half marathon, relay), we’d love for you to come up for prayer at the time of The Peace. We’d also like to know if you are running in support of a non-profit.

8:30am Men’s Breakfast

Men’s Breakfast: Facing Loss and Grief in Jesus Christ

Have you suffered loss in your life? A loved one? A job? Your health or well-being? One of the greatest challenges for men in our society is to accept the losses we encounter, and to find a way to live with them and grow from them. The Rev. Dr. Joel Scandrett will lead us in a time of reflection upon the nature of loss and grief, the challenges of facing them as men, and the hope and help that we can find.

Saturday, April 21 at 8:30am


Cost: $10 (scholarship available); CHILDCARE PROVIDED

Register: Online using the form available here



6:30pm Budget Committee Meeting

6:00pm Finance Committee Meeting

8:30am Parish Work Day

9am Youth Resurrection Day Trip

Easter 6: Scriptures & Sermon Questions

Eastertide at Ascension
Sacred Fire Preaching Series

Scriptures for Saturday, May 5: Acts 11:19 – 30

1. Tell the story of how you got your name or another family story that is often told in your family. Why are family stories so important in forging identity? How do stories of the early church continue to shape the church today?

2. This passage tells how God brought together people from entirely different cultures and backgrounds to form the family of the church. What kind of cultural divisions today are bridged by the church? What ways has the church failed to live up to this vision? How can Ascension embody this vision of a family that cares for each other across different cultures and backgrounds?

3. What do you think is the significance of the story of how Christians got their name?

Easter 5: Sunday Scriptures & Sermon Questions

Eastertide at Ascension
Sacred Fire Preaching Series

Weekly devotional resource is available here.

Scriptures for Sunday, April 29: Acts 8:26 – 40

Acts 8:26-40

1) In his sermon, Fr. Jonathan argued that this text challenges our basic assumption as late modern westerners that the cosmos is ‘secular’ or ‘disenchanted’, a perspective that is fostered by the secularity of the primary institutions of the west. Study and name all the supernatural elements in this text. For Luke the invisible is as real, perhaps even more real, than what we can see. How would our lives be different if we lived with the sense of being in an ‘enchanted’ cosmos, full of God’s presence and that of his angels?

2) Fr. Jonathan argued that even though the Ethiopian eunuch is a wealthy and high status person as treasurer of Queen Candace’s court, he is a deeply lonely and alienated person, as eunuchs were despised people in ancient near eastern kingdoms and, as castrated men, they were prevented from entering the assembly of the Lord (Deut. 23:1). His baptism is thus a surprising turn of events, but it is also a fulfillment of prophecy (Isa. 56:3-5). For Luke, it is a deeply joyful thing that someone who is regarded as beyond the reach of salvation because he has been physically mutilated has become incorporated into the people of God. Are there people in your life who seem beyond the reach of salvation? Are there people who seem so distant from the kingdom that you have stopped believing that God is drawing them to himself? As these people come to mind, lift them to the Lord in prayer.

3) The text says that after being baptized, the eunuch ‘went on his way rejoicing’ (v. 39). It is hard to overestimate the place that joy has in Luke-Acts. It is always noted as the specific response to seeing God at work in the world (see Luke 1:14, 28; 2:10; 6:23; 8:13; 10:17, 20; 13:17; 15:5, 7, 10, 32; 19:6, 37; 24:41, 52). Would you say your Christian life is characterized by great joy? If possible, name moments where the joy of the gospel has been evident and palpable to you. If any in the group do not feel joy, pray that God would enable your group to see him at work in the coming weeks, that we would experience his joy.

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