Lent 4: Sunday Scriptures

March 11, 2018 all-day


Come Quickly to Help Us: The Psalms through Lent

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Sermon Questions:

  1. As Fr Jonathan mentioned on Sunday, Psalm 122 is part of a section of the psalms called The Psalms of Ascent, sung three times a year by the people of God as they were on pilgrimage to Jerusalem. They are called Psalms of Ascent because Jerusalem is the highest city in Israel, so that most of the journey for the pilgrims was a literal ascent, but also because the psalms call the pilgrims who pray them to ascend to the Lord with their hearts. What are the ways that Psalm 122 calls us to ascend to the Lord with our hearts?
  2. Fr. Jonathan mentioned that the Psalms of Ascent, read in the light of Christ, teach us to see our whole lives as a pilgrimage. Do you think of your life in this way? How would it change how you think of yourself, your vocation, your thoughts and your actions if you conceived of your life this way?
  3. The psalmist uses the poetic device of ascending parallelism to highlight his longing for the peace, the shalom of Jerusalem. Fr. Jonathan mentioned that shalom in Scripture is not simply the absence of conflict, but wholeness, integrity, justice, righteousness, and hope that is created by the fullness of God’s presence. Spend time praying for the shalom of the heavenly Jerusalem to fill your community group, your family, your place of work, your neighborhood, and the city of Pittsburgh. What would change in each of these places if God’s shalom were to fill it?