Epiphany “Baptized Life” Series and a Teaching on the Gospel of Mark

Join us for a special teaching on the Gospel of Mark on January 27th from 10:30am – Noon. In Epiphany we will begin a sermon series on the “Baptized Life.” More information is available in the January edition of the Ascent. However, here’s a sneak peek! While we plan to follow regular Lectionary readings each Sunday, the sermons will focus on the Gospel each week to provide a greater sense of the continuity and story of scripture. Sermon series of this nature will help to unpack the meaning of a specific book over a series of Sundays and to place that book in its context within the whole of Scripture. Additionally, as part of the sermon series preachers plan to provide weekly questions for follow up in Community groups or individual study.


Since the primary Gospel throughout Epiphany is Mark,The Rev. Dr. Jonathan Warren will provide background on the Gospel of Mark at this Saturday teaching that begins at 10:30am and concludes at noon. All who are interested are invited to attend. Community group leaders will be meeting earlier that morning, from 9 – 10:15am. Childcare will be provided for the entire morning.